With lots of varied marketing projects under our belt, we recognise how important it is to tailor a company’s online marketing strategy according to your brand and long term goals.

We like to be straight forward about internet marketing and understand that it can often seem tricky in terms of practices and techniques. With that in mind we want you to you have a better understanding of how to use these tools and which methods best suit your business.

Our concept is to work with you, from consultancy through to implementation using the ingredients you already have, as well as a few from our own ‘marketing larder’ to create a successful online presence for your company.

The Marketing Larder can help you introduce an effective online marketing strategy, from development to implementation, all of which we promise to deliver in a very straightforward way. All of our work is carried out according to industry guidelines and we’ll always use current practices when working with you.

Hello… we’re internet marketing consultants

Welcome to The Marketing Larder, we provide internet marketing consultancy on a freelance basis to businesses in Cornwall and beyond. We can consult on, set up and manage your search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google AdWords campaigns, as well as review your website to maximise relevant visitors and increase your sales.

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